Acne conglobata

Acne conglobata

Acne can be categorized in two in terms of severity. They are mild and severe acne. Now these two types have further types of their own. There is no wonder why almost 90% of people suffer from acne problems during some stage of their life. Acne conglobata is one form of severe acne, which is more common in males than their female counterparts. This is a rare skin condition and can be extremely disfiguring to the skin. Large lesions form on the face, chest, back, buttocks, upper arms, and thighs, sometimes accompanied by numerous blackheads. It does not only affect you physically, but also it has a psychological bearing as well. This condition can be extremely hard to get rid of and can last several years.

Acne conglobata tends to develop between the ages of 18 and 30. The most common signs and symptoms include severe damage to the skin, inflammation, deep abscesses and heavy scarring. Inflammatory nodules form around multiple comedones and grow with receding and discharge pus. Deep ulcers may form under the nodules, producing keloid-type scars, and crusts may form over deeply ulcerated nodules. Abscesses may create deep, irregular scars.

Acne conglobata may be preceded by acne cysts, papules or pustules that will not heal, but instead quickly deteriorate. Occasionally, it flares up in acne that may have been dormant for years. As in other acne related issues the primary cause of acne conglobata is largely unknown, but some studies suggest that it seems to occur after testosterone therapy has been stopped.

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