Acne Mechanica

Acne Mechanica

Acne mechanica is a form of acne. This is caused by heat, covered skin, constant pressure and repetitive friction against the skin. That’s why it is common amongst people who play sports.

The Common sports-related causes of acne mechanica are:

  • The helmets and helmet straps, especially those worn by football and hockey players and motorcycle riders
  • The shoulder pads and straps worn by football players
  • If the uniform and clothing is tight and made of synthetic fabric
  • The tight headbands worn by soccer players and runners
  • Straps and packs on backpacks

The other causes of acne mechanica are:

  • The straps used by soldiers to hold weapons and equipment
  • The headbands worn for the support of hair long periods of time
  • Musical instruments, such as the violin, tucked against the neck for hours
  • Tight fur caps worn for long periods of time in places of extreme cold.
  • Tight clothing, such as jeans and underwear that have no breathing space
  • Snug bra straps
  • Adhesive tape that remains on the skin for several days
  • Clothes made of synthetic material.

There are certain preventive measures that help in acne mechanica. They are:

  • Wear a clean cotton T-shirt under a sports uniform. Cotton absorbs perspiration and reduces friction against the skin from the uniform.
  • Shower immediately after athletic activities. Wash the chest, back and buttocks and areas that were under straps, padding or tight uniform. Liquid cleansers containing salicylic acid are useful for removing surface oils and unclogging pores.
  • Avoid covering the forehead with a headband or cap for prolonged periods

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