Acne on the Back

Acne on the Back

Are you hiding something at your ‘back’? If back acne is your little secret, it’s time to bury the past. Back acne is the result of either hormonal problems or accumulation of perspiration due to workouts. The problem is that your hands might not reach the exactly affected places. So make sure you apply medications on the right spots, take help of someone if you require. Have regular baths with body washes containing salicylic acid. The pimple cream, which you will use, also should include salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Wear loose-fitting clothes.

Topical management might not be sufficient for your back. The skin covering this zone is thick and the amount of oil glands is denser. Don’t let your back acne embarrass you when you really can’t avoid taking off your shirt. These eruptions might be out of your ‘reach’ but the curing is definitely within your grips. It needs some attention in your dressing style. Does it sound absurd? In fact it is quite a related factor. Wear loose-fitting breathable cotton clothes. Change them when you get sweaty.

What if you are taught how to take your bath at this age? Will you be taken aback? Don’t be, because most of us overlook the procedure to cleaning the skin. The dead cells clinging on your back do not fall off with mere bubbles of your body wash. They need to be scrubbed away with a scrubber or a loofah (heard of it?). The pores on your skin must inhale. Take care of it.

Shapes and sizes of back acne
It is not only a typical looking zit. They are in fact in various configurations:

  • Congested pores
  • Whiteheads
  • Blackheads
  • Pimples
  • Pustules or cysts are some of its varieties

Back acne can be prevented once you know its secret of origin. The oil glands suddenly become very active during ones puberty. Bacteria have a gala time feeding on this oil and the result is obvious, acne. The depth of the eruption decides whether it is a blackhead, pimple, pustule or a severe cyst. Heredity is not a deciding factor so don’t keep brooding on it. If you feel that the problem has severed immediately go to a physician. There’s no particular time for treating back acne, it’s you who have to decide!

Watch the below instructional video to know the treatment routine:

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