Acne Products for Acne Treatment

Acne Products for Acne Treatment

There are innumerable products available for acne treatment. This is why it has become difficult to choose the right product. Therefore, it is better to consult a dermatologist or get complete awareness about the product. The best option is to meet someone whom acne had cured. Some of the popular products on the market to help with the prevention and spreading of acne are:

Nonprescription Topical Medications: Topical medications are available in the form of gels, creams, lotions, soaps and pads including benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or sulfur as its ingredients.

Prescription Medications / Topical Treatment

Topical retinoids: are vitamin-A derivatives that are used to treat mild to moderate acne. They unclog pores and prevent whiteheads, blackheads and pimples from forming.

Oral Antibiotics: Oral antibiotics are used for the treatment of more severe acne and cases. Oral antibiotics remove the acne bacteria.

Isotretinoin (Accutane): An effective acne control medication especially for the treatment of severe cystic or nodular acne.

Acne Therapies

Chemical Peels: Chemical peels of glycolic acid are mixed with other chemical agents to loosen blackheads and minimize acne papules.

Comedo (Whiteheads & blackheads) Extraction: A sterile instrument is used to extract the whiteheads and blackheads.

Light Therapy Treatments: Light or laser therapy is appropriate sometimes. These therapies can be useful in treating hard-to-reach areas such as the back. The bacterium that causes acne and produces sebum is removed with blue light therapy. Laser therapy is useful in the treatment of scars.

Popular Acne Products on Amazon

  • Natural Skin Care - Nature's gentle sea mud effectively removes impurities to unclog pores that deep cleanse acne or oily skin and nourish dry skin to reveal a hydrated dewy complexion.
  • Love your skin with luxury spa treatment from 100% pure and natural ingredients sourced from the Dead Sea of Israel. Quality manufactured in USA. No Paraben. No Artificial Colors. No Added Fragrance or Chemicals. Not tested on animals.
  • Boost circulation with regular facial regimen - the rich minerals from the Dead Sea regenerate skin cells keeping you looking fresh, healthy and youthful by firming, detoxifying and hydrating skin deep.
  • Satisfaction Tested with Happy Customers, both Male and Female!
  • Sensitivity Check: Apply on a small area of the skin to test for sensitivity by high mineral content.
  • THE ORIGINAL ACNE KIT THAT STARTED A SKINCARE REVOLUTION - Designed specifically for acne-prone skin, Proactiv Solution delivers finely-milled benzoyl peroxide deep into your pores to help stop acne-causing bacteria in its tracks and prevent new breakouts from forming.
  • YOU NEED MORE THAN A PIMPLE CREAM - Proactiv Solution is a powerful, comprehensive acne treatment system that goes deep into your pores, removes impurities and helps prevent future flare ups.
  • YOUR SKIN ROUTINE, MADE EASY - Just 3 steps a day gets you on your way to clear, radiant skin.
  • SAFE FOR ALL AGES AND SKIN TYPES - Proactiv's 3-Step Kit provides the same powerful skin care for teens and adults, and is great for sensitive skin.
  • BONUS MASK AND MOISTURIZER - This kit also includes a Skin Purifying Mask and a Green Tea Moisturizer that hydrate and refresh your skin.
  • CLEAN & CLEAR COMPLEXION- InstaNatural’s Anti Aging Skin Clearing Serum for face incorporates Salicylic Acid to soothe and clear blemishes. This anti aging serum works as a dark spot corrector for face by brightening the skin while also dueling as a pore minimizer and acne spot treatment for those pesky breakouts that pop up. By regulating oil production, a healthy complexion is revealed.
  • KEY INGREDIENTS - Retinol reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles, and discoloration while Beta Hydroxy and Salicylic Acid clears breakouts, blackheads, clogged pores and duals as an acne spot and cystic acne treatment serum for face. Niacinamide and Vitamin C work to lighten dark spots, reduce redness, and brighten overall complexion leaving you with radiant skin.
  • ANTI AGING SERUM - This daily anti wrinkle serum for face reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation while defending against environmental aggressors visibly reducing uneven tone and texture for smooth youthful skin.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - Our natural and effective clear skin face serum is best suited for men and women and for those with oily, acne-prone and mature skin looking for an all-in one acne scar treatment & remover, hyperpigmentation treatment, pore refiner, dark spot remover for face and anti aging face serum.
  • PROFESSIONAL APPLICATION - Our facial serum will make a great addition to any skin care routine! On cleansed and toned skin, apply a dime sized amount of the serum in light, upward motions. For best results, we recommend applying at night and following with your favorite moisturizer. Daily application of an SPF is strongly encouraged while using this product
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