Acne Rosacea Laser Treatment

Acne Rosacea Laser Treatment

Laser is an effective way to cure the skin disorders but in the case of rosacea it has shown variable results. This should only be the last resort. The treatments for rosacea are the same as those used by dermatologist for acne scars. The earlier treatments were to use excision, punch grafts, dermabrasion and chemical peels, but the success rate was well below par. Over the past years, dermatologists worked with laser technology which brought some amazing results in the treatment of acne scars and to some extent rosacea though the results may still depend on the patient.


Pulsed Dye Lasers:
The pulsed dye laser procedure is typically performed on local anesthesia, which is usually administered with a topical anesthetic cream or injections within scars or nerve blocks. So the presence of a anesthetist is essential. Next, non-overlapping laser pulses are delivered over the affected area. The immediate result may produce a purplish coloring. This treatment could take 6-8 weeks to show result, where another treatment, at the same or slightly higher strength may be necessary. Pulsed dye lasers are now the preferred treatment for red or thick scars.

Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing:
Carbon dioxide laser the number of treatments necessary depends on the severity of the problem and each individual’s collagen and wound healing response. Usually two or more treatments are needed for an average patient.
As in the case of pulsed Dye Lasers, regional nerve block or intravenous sedation may be required for CO2 laser resurfacing. Follow-up examinations and skin cleanings are scheduled often during the first postoperative week and patients are encouraged to keep the area moistened with healing ointments and/or cooled compresses. Early evaluation and intervention are important in order to prevent long-term damage

These treatments as mentioned above may or may not get the desired result as they are basically treatments of acne scars but they could be suggested by your dermatologist.

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