Adult Acne Skin Care

Adult Acne Skin Care

There is a misconception that acne is a problem limited to teens because of the throes of hormonal upheaval, this is true but adults though not in the same frequency can be troubled by this disease. In fact, adult acne happens far more frequently than is generally realized, as facts suggest that adult acne plagues 25% of all adult males and nearly 50% of adult females, though in most cases it is not recognized.

The cause of adult acne is not clear, but stress has been identified as the most likely of causes. Treatment and skin care of acne is similar to that used in the cases of teen acne. There are certain things that should be done personally by the patient. The most important of them all is observation. A person who plays close attention to the changes happening to him is in better position when it comes to treatment. While treating adult acne, bear in mind that adult skin is far less resilient and elastic than teen skin. Avoid harsh soaps and ‘skin-stripping’ agents and stick to mild cleaners and generally follow the care and prevention regimen prescribed for teen acne with an added precaution.

In adults, there is a reduced ability of skin to re-moisturize naturally after being subjected to the abrasive and dehydrating effects of a compound like benzoyl peroxide. These should be followed by the application of a hypoallergenic. Oily moisturizers should be avoided and products made of organic extracts should be preferred. This helps to reestablish the skin’s natural moisture content.

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