Adult Acne Treatments

Adult Acne Treatments

Beauty is an obsession and we all, in spite of ourselves, are obsessed about it. We cannot live with it- we cannot live without it. Those who have it are afraid of losing it and those who do not have it are anxious to attain it. The seed of the problem that gives us sleepless nights lies in a pimple that pops up on our face and often leaves behind an ugly legacy in the form of a scar. ‘The Moon, they say, is scarred,’ but the Moon doesn’t care about it anyway, does she? We, however, do. A scarred face is an obstacle to socialization. We have long outlived the Victorian senses & sensibilities and today first impression makes or breaks a person, for we hardly get a second chance.

Acne that often troubles us in our adolescence accompanies us even when we become adult. Acne rosacea, commonly called adult acne is pus-filled blisters in the form of small red bumps on nose and cheeks that makes your face looks like a freshly plowed farmland.

Antibiotics and tropical medications are the most commonly used anti-acne weapons. Sulfur can open up hair follicles and relieve the burning sensation while benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria and decelerates the action of skin glands. Retin-A, derived from Vitamin-A, which dries up skin eruption preventing pimple formation, can be effective to people not exposed to the sun. Although systemic therapy is mainly used for treatment of severe form of adult acne, it is sometimes needed for moderate cases.

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