Baby Acne

Baby Acne

What if one fine morning you discover your baby’s skin bursting with crimson eruptions? Don’t be shocked. They are nothing but baby acne. In fact, acne is not only a problem for the adults. Ever wondered why these bumps appear on the softest of all skins? Essentially just before the baby is delivered, the hormones of the mother get transferred into the baby’s body. These hormones trigger off the development of the lungs as well as incite the oil glands. The result maybe baby acne.

These red inflammations might appear on visage and body parts after the baby is born or even after one month. The skin of the baby can be more intensely irritated if it comes into contact with clothes not properly wrung off detergent. Even milk and saliva can be damaging for the skin at the prevailing condition of baby acne. So be careful about handling the skin during this period. This is not catching type because it develops only due to the hormonal effect during the birth phase of the child. The problem might linger on till the child is about four or six months. Also, make sure that your child has baby acne and not any type of allergy. Besides, in winter, do not over dress him/her in order to fight off cold. Heat rashes can aggravate the already present acne.

Intensive treatment is not always sought after in case of baby acne. Washing the baby’s face with plain water or a gentle soap can be sufficient. Creams or oils are not recommended in this stage. If the bumps persist more than six months, you must consult your pediatrician for some mild medicine. Do not panic; baby acne does not make a long story.

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