Best Acne or Pimple Patches Review and Buyers Guide

The Best Pimple Patches You Can Buy Online

Are you planning sick of your acne and pimples shattering your confidence in public? Forced to cover them with your hair and clothing? Are you losing your patience and planning to buy acne patches to solve your problem? Acne and pimples are a common problem everyone faces after puberty. Every one of us experiences this problem of having to go out with outbreaks of acne on our skin. We all have been in a situation when we had to go out and then suddenly a pimple popped out right in the middle of our nose. That is a type of pain that we have all shared at one point or another in our life. Everyone wants to avoid these embarrassing situations and acne patches just might be the solution to your problem!

 What is acne?

It would be helpful to get a little information on Acne and pimples before purchasing any acne patches or other similar products. Acne is a skin condition in which our hair follicles get filled with dead skin cells and the natural oil that our skin produces. When this happens, it leads to the outburst of pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads on the skin. Acne mostly appears on the face, forehead, upper back, and shoulders.

  • What are the main symptoms of acne?

Acne can be found anywhere on the body and as we previously stated, it develops mostly on the face, shoulders, and upper back areas. Following are the main and the most common symptoms of acne;

When you have acne, you will most likely notice black or white pimples on your skin. These are the common blackheads or whiteheads that we all know of. The scientific name of these blackheads and whiteheads is comedones.

  • What are the major causes of acne?

A conjunction of acne patches and forbearance can substantially reduce your acne and pimple. One of the main reasons why acne forms is when the follicles on your skin are filled with bacteria, dirt or the natural oil produced by the skin. When these follicles are blocked, it leads to acne. The pores on our skin open to follicles and these follicles are made up of a sebaceous gland which is the oil gland and hair.

The oil gland releases the natural oil which is known as sebum which travels upward the hair and out of the pore and finally it is on your skin. This natural oil is what keeps your skin soft and lubricated to avoid dryness issues.

  • The issue of oily skin:

Having oily skin can cause a few problems in this oil production process by the follicles that can lead to acne. These problems are:

  1. Excess oil production by the follicles.
  2. Bacteria building up in the pores of the skin. (More common in oily skin)
  3. The accumulation of dead skin cells in the pores. (Common in oily skin)

These problems lead to acne which leads to the development of pimples on the skin.

  • Factors that can make acne worse:

Following can make the issue of acne, worse.

  1. According to studies, some foods such as full-fat dairy milk and high carbohydrate food items might make the condition of acne become worse. Chocolate has been long said to increase the issue of acne. So, this means a proper and balanced diet is necessary for good skin.


  1. It is simple and easy to understand the logic that if you are stressed, it will mess with your skin as well and won’t allow you to look your best. When you let go of the stress, your skin will become better, significantly.


  1. Certain medications containing things like lithium, corticosteroids and testosterone are known to increase acne.

How do we try to prevent acne?

Though you cannot really get rid of acne with these tips, these will just allow you to take precautions that might mitigate the frequency of acne.

  • Clean your face two times a day with a good face wash.
  • Shower after your workouts to prevent the accumulation of oil in the pores.
  • Eat a healthy diet with limited amounts of sugar and processed items.
  • Try to reduce your stress. This is sure to give you other big benefits as well.
  • Clean your skin before going to bed.

Also, use high-quality products for your skin that will help you get rid of and prevent acne.


Acne Treatment Products

The one true solution for acne is to use acne patches. Now, there are a lot of acne patches available in the market, but the problem is that not all of them are useful and effective and some might even turn out to be harmful for your skin. Some acne patches might contain an ingredient that might not be suitable for the skin whereas others just won’t work effectively. But don’t worry about that. We are here to help you in choosing the right acne patches. We are going to give you all the information about the best acne and pimple patches available in the market currently that work effectively and work wonders. The information that we will share with you will help you make a good purchase and will help you get that one perfect product for your skin that will treat your acne perfectly.

Top 5 Best Acne & Pimple Patches:

Photo Title Price Buy
Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch - Absorbing Cover, Invisible, Blemish Spot, Hydrocolloid, Skin Treatment, Facial Stickers, Two Sizes 10mm & 12mm, Blends in with skin (96 Count) $15.99 ($0.17 / Count)
Avarelle Acne Pimple Patch (40 Count) Absorbing Hydrocolloid Spot Treatment with Tea Tree Oil, Calendula Oil and Cica, Vegan, Cruelty Free Certified $8.50
Nexcare Acne Cover, Invisible, Drug Free, 108 Count $13.20 ($0.12 / Count)
Mighty Patch Original - Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Patch Spot Treatment (36 count) for Face, Vegan, Cruelty-Free $12.50 ($0.35 / Count)
Acne Patches (120 Pack), Tea Tree Oil and Hydrocolloid Pimple Patches for Face, Zit Patch (3 Sizes), Blemish Patches, Acne Dots, Pimple Stickers, 100% All Natural Acne Patch and Pimple Patch $12.47 ($0.10 / Count)

Following are the top 5 best acne patches available in the market that are of the best quality and will work wonders in helping you get rid of that acne and pimples!

Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch

With added high-quality ingredients and effective results, Rael Acne Patches ranks among the top 10 Acne products. Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patches promises to relieve individuals from all the skin related problems experienced due to dry skin, oily skin, hyper-pigmented skins, and anything that lies in between. This is among the best acne patches out there in the market.


  • Made with high-quality hydrocolloid
  • The patch is Transparent
  • Can firmly stick to the skin
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Latex-free to avoid allergies
  • Skin-friendly
  • Toxic-free
  • For all types of blemish
  • Sticks directly to the skin
  • Absorbs all the pus and impurities
  • Effective even against those annoying pimples that haven’t surfaced yet
  • They are super thin and sticks quite well
  • Keeps the skin hydrated to avoid scarring
  • The pimple heals faster
  • The patch is slightly shiny, not noticeable in pictures but is visible in person.

Customer Feedback:

The customers on Amazon give positive reviews to this product and claim that it works very effectively and works on all skin types perfectly. It sticks to the skin easily and keeps the skin hydrated to protect it from scarring. They recommend this product highly.


Avarelle Acne Absorbing Cover Patch.

The Avarelle Acne Absorbing Cover Patch is made with tea tree oil, hydrocolloid dressing and calendula oil. These ingredients make sure that your acne goes away at once and your skin looks perfect, day and night. This product makes it on our top acne patches list due to its wonderful and effective working on the skin.


  • The active ingredients are Hydrocolloid, Tea Tree Oil, Calendula Oil. and Cica
  • Easy to Peel off
  • Appropriate for all skin tones
  • Skin friendly
  • The patches are thin
  • Works on all types of skins
  • Doesn’t contain harmful chemicals
  • The patch is Transparent
  • Not noticeable and can be worn in public
  • Heals the Acne Pimple faster
  • Extracts all the puss and the sebum
  • Gets rid of the Acne without leaving a scar
  • Might not be suitable for dry skin type
  • Too thin

Customer Feedback:

The customers on Amazon claim that this product is a good one that consists of high-quality active ingredients that help in getting rid of the acne quickly and effectively. It is also not visible so it can be worn in public as well. Highly recommended by customers!


Nexcare Acne Cover

This product is safe for a variety of skin types and the non-medicated covers help in absorbing excess oil from the areas affected by acne. Gentle but effective, this works even when you’re asleep and it is transparent, so it isn’t very visible, which is great. We had to include this product in our best acne patches list!


  • Works as a sponge to remove pus and oil
  • Transparent, you hardly know it is on
  • Latex-free
  • The active ingredients are Hydrocolloid and Ethylene Oxide
  • Adhesive to skin
  • The product absorbs the excess sebum and puss
  • Easy to peel off without damaging the skin
  • The product is latex-free
  • Clears the infected pores without causing harm to the skin
  • Destroys stubborn Acnes that are hard to get rid of
  • Might not be suitable for cystic acne.
  • Might feel sort of bulky.

Customer Feedback:

The customers on Amazon say that this product works very well and can get rid of the acne very quickly. This is also easy to peel off so that the skin isn’t damaged in any way. It is highly recommended by customers.


Mighty Patch the Original

These acne patches are made in South Korea, a country famous throughout the world for its amazing beauty related innovations. This product deserves to be in our best acne patches list because of how well it works in making the skin become clearer than ever.


  • The active ingredient is Hydrocolloid
  • Pushes out all the puss and impurities
  • Ultra-thin patch
  • Strong adhesive
  • The product is translucent
  • Patches are UV sterilized
  • Non-toxic
  • Works on the pimple with puss and sebum in it
  • Reduces the pimple size
  • Helps in boosting the healing process
  • Draws out impurities from the pimple
  • Good for all skin types
  • Doesn’t work on blackheads

Customer Feedback:

The customers on Amazon claim that the product works very well in getting rid of the excess sebum which leads to a faster recovery of the acne issue. It helps in boosting the skin healing process as well. This product is highly recommended by users.



Acne Patches by Basic Concepts

With hydrocolloid and tea tree oil, this is one of the best acne patches out there in the market. This acne patch will do a great job and help you get rid of that acne and pimples. This product makes its way on our top acne patches list.


  • Main ingredients are Tea Tree Oil and Hydrocolloid
  • Skin-friendly
  • Gently absorbs excess secretions
  • Protects the acne from bacterial infection
  • Added Tea Tree Oil reduces inflammation and acne scar
  • Heals your blemishes faster
  • Can significantly reduce the size of a pimple
  • Can help you get rid of deep acne
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Helps reduce skin scarring
  • Can heal zits as well
  • Might require a more frequent use for effective result
  • Sometimes it might be hard to make them stick on skin

Customer Feedback:

The customers on Amazon say that this product has very high-quality ingredients that ensure that the acne is gone as quickly as possible. This product doesn’t irritate the skin at all and helps in reducing the skin scarring as well. This is highly recommended by the users!

Ace ProductMade byQuantityAverage RatingAmazon Beauty and Personal Care Ranking
Rael Acne Pimple Healing PatchRael, Inc96 Patches4.3/5258
Avarelle Acne Absorbing Cover PatchAvarelle


40 Patches4.1/536
Nexcare Acne CoverNexcare


108 Patches3.9/51945
Mighty Patch the OriginalHero Cosmetics36 Patches4.2/5187
Acne Patches by Basic ConceptsCare to Inspire120 Patches4.3/51230




Buying Guide

Factors to consider before buying your acne patches

Does it have Hydrocolloid?

Hydrocolloid should be an active ingredient. Although it’s a synthetic product, still it is widely used by the cosmetic industries, mainly due to its rapid healing characteristic.

Are you allergic to Latex?

If you are allergic to latex, make sure you look for a latex-free product.  Most of the top products that are mentioned on this website are latex-free.

Vegan and Non-Vegan choices:

The gelatin-based Anti-Acne product is the best alternative to consider mainly since gelatin is naturally obtained. This skin-friendly ingredient can extract the excess oil and puss from the infected site. Moreover, if you are a “Vegan”, you should consider the next ingredient.

If you are “Vegan” you should opt for cellulose or polymer versions. However, this ingredient is not recommended due to the involvement of plastic and other synthetic ingredients.

Know what’s inside your product:

Sodium lauryl sulfate is an ingredient that is widely used in facial cleansers that can disrupt the barrier between skin and moisture.

Isopropyl Myristate and Isopropyl Palmitate are the ingredients that don’t cause any damage to the existing acne but have the characteristics to clog the sebum secreting pores, resulting in more acne.

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