Body Acne

Body Acne

Body acne indeed is one of the most frustrating and irritating skin conditions that can badly affect a person. It is common on the back, chest, shoulders, neck and even buttocks of many people. This can be a sign of more severe acne when the lesions are large and painful. It can occur anywhere on your body.

The exact cause is unknown yet. However, some kind of skin irritation can make it worse. Body acne is different from facial acne because the skin on areas such as your back is different from the skin on your face. The pores of the skin on the body are far bigger and active than of the face. Generally, the excessive production of skin oil (sebum) is the cause facial acne, which is also the same case for body acne as well.

Sweat, oil and synthetic fabrics (tight clothing) irritate the pores and this can easily lead infectious bacteria to clog the surface, causing an acne nodule or cyst to form. Hormonal imbalances or over-activity also plays a part in forming body acne.

Since the skin of your body is thicker, the same acne treatments may not work as effectively as they do on your face. Thousands of acne treatments are available. For some, internal acne treatments (such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B5, Zinc supplement) are the best choice and external acne treatments for the rest.

However, the best way to prevent this acne from forming is to the keep the skin in a condition that does not make it easy for acne formation. Keep your skin clean and use good medicated soap to prevent bacterial attack. Always take a shower after heavy exercise.

You must take the care and treatment of body acne seriously. Consult a physician or adopt a truly comprehensive body acne care and treatment regimen to prevent present flare-up and future outbreaks of body acne.

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