Butt Acne

Butt Acne

The modern day obsession with the buttock has had its effect on the textile industry too. A whole new range of products like ‘hot pants’ and ‘hipsters’ are now very much in vogue. At least we can now safely say that we spend a lot of money to maintain our butt (no irony intended). There are, however, a significant number of people among us to whom their butt is a constant source of itch, pain and embarrassment. Welcome to the hush-hush world of buttock acne.

Pimple-like out break on the thigh (both front and back), forearm, stomach and butt can at first seem harmless, but before long you will understand the gravity of the situation. This type of acne, because of its awkward location, is particularly sensitive. Appearance and disappearance of butt acne can befool many but it is to be understood that sudden disappearance of butt acne is not always a sure sign of remission. People having the experience of acne flare-ups on the butt have found it very unpleasant and a source of great concern. You can have a few red spots on the buttock to start with. If left untreated, these spots develop heads and start to release waste fluid. Serious case of butt acne can prove to be pretty messy as the lesion becomes larger and are filled with blood.

Soap or detergent used for cleaning cloths can be an irritation to your skin. Perfumed and scented products must be kept away. Ingredients used for cleaning, if given to a doctor may help in detection of the irritant. Butt perspires a lot since it is constantly covered. This sweat can cause pimple. It is therefore essential to wash it after sweating. Selection of underwear too is important. Cloths made of natural fibers prove very helpful in this matter. The more you discourage artificial fibers like nylon, the better. Medication on butt acne must not be oil based or perfumed. Popping or squeezing the pimples will not help the matter either. Water and healthy diet are the two important things you must remember to cure the butt from acne.

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