Causes Of Acne Rosacea

Causes Of Acne Rosacea

The causes of acne have been a great mystery to the researches who have studied this disease. Different studies have come up with varying results. Underlying central cause of acne rosacea is not yet identified, although many factors seem to contribute in its flourishing. One cause that can be a major factor is that it generally forms when the blood vessels become dilated. It has also been suggested that a large proportion of people with rosacea produce excessive sebum, as sebum is the substance which lubricates the skin and keeps it from drying out but there are many studies that suggest otherwise.

Another theory which has come from research has shown that many people with this ongoing problem do not produce enough stomach acid (hydrochloric acid or HCl). This claim is further enhanced by the fact that these condition can improve by taking HCl supplements with meals. Stress has also come forward as a cause for this problem and many stress and anxiety sufferers generally worsen it. There is also evidence that people with rosacea do not produce enough of the enzyme which helps digest fats – pancreatic lipase and that they can reduce their symptoms by eating supplements that contain these. Some research has also suggested that it is also sometimes linked to a deficiency in the vitamins A and B complex.

Whatever the cause might be, it is important that the person suffering from this problem identify it and act upon as quickly as possible ideally by going to the dermatologist.

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