Causes Of Nodular Acne

Causes Of Nodular Acne

Nodular acne looks a lot like cystic acne, but while cystic acne is pus filled the spots of nodular acne are much larger.  Both can be damaging to the skin even after treatment is done as both have tendency to leave scars afterwards. These scars can be avoided if there is no poking on the spots. It is very important to identify what sort of acne you have, so the treatment can be done in the right direction. It is also very important for everyone concerned to know the causes of it as it is very common, so that it could be avoided. Day-to-day examination from your part can play a crucial role in identifying any occurrence of this problem. This can be done simply by standing in front of the mirror and scrutinizing the skin. If a sign is there, you can always contact your dermatologist for advice and treatment.

Nodular acne is caused by the over production of oil glands, so products that are made to help oily skins can be used to counter this problem. Also, excessive trans fat in the diet should be avoided. This is not only taxing to your skin, but also your general health as well.

Studies suggest that stress and anxiety can also cause nodular acne, so it is important that undue stress be avoided. For this exercising, practicing to think positively, taking yoga or Tai Chi can be helpful. It is very important that if the outburst of this occurs, you should see your dermatologist.

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