Excoriated Acne

Excoriated Acne

Excoriate” in the literal sense means to scratch or abrade the skin. So the acne that makes you scratch a lot there is a big chance that you have excoriated acne. In this condition, the person (sufferer) spends hours in front of a mirror squeezing and picking at every blemish. This is not a wise thing to do because all of this picking and squeezing often causes red marks where the skin becomes irritated and usually leads to permanent scarring.

Excoriated acne usually appears to others as mild as it is without pustules or nodules. Though, it is intolerable to the person who is suffering from this form of acne for a variety of reasons. The people with excoriated acne often wish that they could stop all that picking and squeezing, but there is always that desire to get rid of their lesions compels them. This compelling urge is a medically recognized condition that should be discussed with a dermatologist with detail so that they know what course of action to take.

Occasionally giving in to a temptation to squeeze a blackhead is not excoriated acne, but if the urge is enormous and you end up giving in time and again damage your skin in the process. This is known as excoriated acne. To treat this acne, you not only have to be very organized, but also you should have the will that will enable you to stop yourself from scratching because in the end, it is damaging to your skin.

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