Hormonal Acne

Hormonal Acne

Have you ever considered where that big red pimple appeared on your face from? Or has it ever bothered you as to why there is continuous irritation on your chest? As difficult as it is to believe it, the root cause behind your facial and chest acne is your very own hormones! Together they are known as hormonal acne.

Hormonal acne is usually caused by the hormonal imbalance in our bodies. These are not very difficult to identify since they are quite significant in your face in the form of reddish bumps, which sometimes cause discomfort. Later, they also take the forms of black and white heads. It has a weakness for our chins, jaw lines, and necks.

Well, luckily for some and unluckily for others, hormonal acne is a continual problem faced by both teenagers as well as old. At any time, you are unlucky to have a hormonal fluctuation, you are sure to have it! Hormonal imbalance can occur when you first step into your puberty. Puberty calls for major hormonal changes, which activate your sebaceous glands, and the result is acne. These can again turn up especially in women aged between 20 years to 30 years. The estrogen level sometimes tends to increase in women just prior to their menstruation. Thus, it is only obvious that hormonal acne would resurge just before and after your menopause and also during the time of pregnancy.

Other than doing a lot of functions, hormones are also responsible for controlling the oil secretion in your skin. When this excess oil mixes wanted substances, they cause hormonal acne. Prostaglandins are the hormone regulators and if you are lacking it in sufficient amount you are sure to get some of these pimples on your face. They are in fact highly influenced by our androgen and the excess production of the latter leads to more red and more raised acne.

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