Laser Treatment for Acne Scar, Blemishes & Acne rosacea

Laser Treatment for Acne Scar, Blemishes & Acne rosacea

Laser light works by destroying the bacteria that cause acne. The laser light interacts with the substance inside the bacteria called Porphorine to create oxygen, which destroys the bugs. It also promotes the growth of collagen to prevent scarring.

Laser therapy at various irradiation levels is used to destroy active acne lesions and sebaceous glands that overproduce oil. Lasers are believed to improve acne lesions by reducing the cysts containing porphyries. These lesions are destroyed when exposed to laser light at specific wavelength.

Laser may also have anti-inflammatory affects, which may improve acne. Laser treatment of lesions may also reduce potential scarring that can occur in severe cases. It improves acne condition in all patients. According to a study after one treatment, 37% decrease in acne lesions was noticed. After two treatments, 50% decrease was noticed and after third treatment, 83% decrease was measured. It is obvious from the study that laser treatment does help in treating acne however; it does not cure acne completely.

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