Neck Acne

Neck Acne

Acne keloidalis nuchae refers to the occurrence of plaques on the occipital scalp and the posterior part of the neck that is why it is also known as neck acne. This type of acne is almost exclusively found in African-Americans. This disease has a sex preference towards males and the male-female ratio of this disease is 20 to 1. Onset usually occurs in early adulthood, but some cases do develop during adolescence. Onset prior to puberty or after age 50 years is extremely rare. In the first stage, patients usually develop a chronic folliculitis and perifolliculitis of the occipital part of the scalp and the posterior part of the neck, which heal with keloidlike lesions, sometimes with discharging sinuses.

They often coalesce to form one many large plaque, which gradually enlarges for years. The lesions are often painful and have a negative effect cosmetically.

The treatments employed in neck acne are often the same as in other form of acne. The difference is that some topical creams may not be that easy to apply on the places of the neck so it is important that you find some one to help you apply the medication in the proper way. Then there are the over the counter medications, the creams. If it still doesn’t work prescription medication could be used. There is also the option of laser therapy but it is usually avoided as it is expensive and can take several session to be effective so the cost goes up.

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