Pimple is a small pointed elevation of the skin that usually contains pus. Skin infection, irritation, or over activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands is mostly the reason of the formation of pimples. Pimples are frequently associated with acne, which is considered as the most common cause of its development.

For some people, popping a pimple can seem like the best way to get rid of the thing but beware as popping is not always the best way to get rid of pimples overnight, and it can in fact make you look a lot uglier.

The red cyst-like pimples can hurt like anything and can induce you to pop them in attempt to get rid of the thing, trying to pop this type of pimple simply won’t work. In fact, doing so can actually prolong the life of the pimple or cause permanent scars. So do not pop the pimple unless you doctor does it for you.

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