Scalp Acne

Scalp Acne

Scalp acne in its mildest form is known as scalp folliculitis. This type of acne is very hard to detect as that part of the body is hidden by thick hair. Acne is a common disorder and just about everyone knows what acne is and where it is commonly breaks out. But acne also appears on other parts of the body as well and unless you are someone with acne in one of these ‘other’ areas, you may not have realized this. Scalp acne like most other acne similar to it is often caused by periods of great stress in ones life. This irritating scalp condition usually develops when the scalp exceeds its level of oil than normal. This is caused when the hair is not washed as frequently or when hair care products that contain a considerable amount of oil are used.

Scalp acne is usually itchier than other acne and thus it makes very difficult for those who have it to leave it alone. In its mildest form, the pustules are small, crusty, and they are sore. They appear mainly on the upper forehead at the hairline. A person can have just a few pustules or there can be many. In more severe form of scalp acne which is known in the medical world as acne miliaris necrotica  is characterized by inflamed larger papules with black-colored crusts.

This form of acne can leave behind scars that resemble those resulting from chickenpox. The more severe cases of this form of acne generally affect African-Americans, but they can affect anyone as some cases suggest. There is also a sex preference for male in this disorder, but women are also sufferers from this problem.

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