Severe Acne

Severe Acne

Severe acne is cause of great loss in confidence and mental stress. A person having severe acne gets his social life affected as there is no way one might feel comfortable having those big dots in front of a company. This problem should be dealt with patience and care as poor treatment could lead to a couple of years of pain.

There are four main types of severe acne. They are:

Acne Conglobata
Acne conglobata is a chronic and severe form of acne vulgaris, the signs are Deep abscesses, inflammation, severe damage to the skin, scarring and Blackheads. This problem normally occurs on the face, neck, trunk, upper arms and buttocks

Acne Fulminans
Acne fulminans is a sudden onset of highly destructive inflammation. It appears suddenly in a person with inflammatory acne and the signs are severe and often ulcerating acne, Fever and inflammation and aching of joints, especially hips and knees.

Gram-negative folliculitis
Gram negative folliculitis is the type of severe acne in which an inflammation of follicles caused by a bacterial infection that can be a result of long-term usage antibiotic drugs. These are common in patients who are taking antibiotics for severe acne may develop Gram negative folliculitis.

Nodulocystic Acne
Nodulocystic acne is relatively uncommon; however, the sign for this form of acne is the formation of cyst which may measure several centimeters in diameter. These cysts may occur singly, or be widespread over the face, neck, scalp, back, chest and shoulders.

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