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Hormonal Acne

Have you ever considered where that big red pimple appeared on your face from? Or has it ever bothered you as to why there is continuous irritation on your chest? As difficult as it is to believe it, the root cause behind your facial and chest acne is your very own hormones! Together they are… Read More »

Neck Acne

Acne keloidalis nuchae refers to the occurrence of plaques on the occipital scalp and the posterior part of the neck that is why it is also known as neck acne. This type of acne is almost exclusively found in African-Americans. This disease has a sex preference towards males and the male-female ratio of this disease… Read More »

Butt Acne

The modern day obsession with the buttock has had its effect on the textile industry too. A whole new range of products like ‘hot pants’ and ‘hipsters’ are now very much in vogue. At least we can now safely say that we spend a lot of money to maintain our butt (no irony intended). There… Read More »

Chest Acne

It is painful enough to endure the pressure of acne on the face to find it resurface on your chest. Chest acne is a common problem among people of all age group. The lesions on your chest make it painful to keep your clothes on, making it itchy in the process. Imagine yourself in the… Read More »

Acne conglobata

Acne can be categorized in two in terms of severity. They are mild and severe acne. Now these two types have further types of their own. There is no wonder why almost 90% of people suffer from acne problems during some stage of their life. Acne conglobata is one form of severe acne, which is… Read More »