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Body Acne Treatment

Acne is perhaps the most unwanted nuisance around. If not treated properly, it can turn out to be a bit of a bother. Body acne is a anatomical type of acne. They consist of red dots or bumps on all parts of your body. Body acne is better than facial acne as it can be… Read More »

Causes of Body Acne

As any one can likely encounter acne, always be on the look out for this dreaded disease. Finding the causes of this disease is important so that the remedy could be applied. Our face and entire body is covered with tiny openings or pores. Each of these pores holds a tiny hair (follicle). Sebaceous glands… Read More »

Body Acne

Body acne indeed is one of the most frustrating and irritating skin conditions that can badly affect a person. It is common on the back, chest, shoulders, neck and even buttocks of many people. This can be a sign of more severe acne when the lesions are large and painful. It can occur anywhere on… Read More »