Ten acne myths you should be aware of

Ten acne myths you should be aware of

When it comes to acne, everyone has their own opinions, treatments, and suggestions. However, there are some acne myths out there that need to be busted, or people would end up believing a lie, and that could mean an apprehensive or misguided behavior towards acne. Its time you drop those myths and know the facts.

1. Excessive Use of Medicine
Most people think that medicine could be the answer to acne, and therefore, they end up having over the counter pills excessively. This is a myth that medicines can actually deal with acne fast. Instead all it does is complicates matters more and creates more side effects. When you face acne, the first best option is to apply benzoyl peroxide or salicyclic acid on the inflammation. Again, here balance is the key. Do not excessively use benzoyl as it would cause the skin to dry up and crack. If you have to take medications, kindly do so only under the recommendation of a dermatologist.

2. Only Synthetic Makeup is Harmful
Well, that’s not a fact. Makeup of all kinds, regardless of being synthetic, natural or organic, all of it is harmful for acne and promotes acne inflammation. When you put acne, it clogs your pores and this makes the inflammation become worse. Therefore, do not apply any kind of makeup thinking they are safe, because nothing is safe.

3. Pricking Off Pimples Removes Them
Some people pinch, prick their pimple, without realizing that it provides only temporary relief, but causing bacterial infection later on. Though the pricking may remove the lesion, it does nothing to prevent it from being worse, with of course potential acne scarring.

4. Washing Face Consistently Will Help
Though it is necessary to keep the face oil free and clean during acne breakout, it is entirely wrong to believe that consistent washing will help. It is recommended that you wash your face only 2 to 3 times a day, with the use of a very mild acne face wash. Also avoid scrubbing your face, as it will simply make matters worse.

5. Exposure to Sun Helps
People have the concept that if they expose themselves to the sun, it would treat the acne fast. This however is a major misconception. Sun rays dry up the skin and will cause more sweating, more irritation. Pores will be clogged by dead cells and you would be left with stumps of ugly looking acne.

6. Acne Has No Cure
This is only the half part of the truth. Fact is, acne can be treated, even if there is no cure available. Treatment however may take some time, depending upon the severity of the condition. After that the patient would have to be consistent in the treatments to prevent outbursts. With effective measures acne can be controlled and treated.

7. Acne is Contagious
Acne is never contagious. So whoever has that thought in mind, need to throw away that idea.

8. You Have to Be Clean to Clear Acne
Though it is obvious that a person has to take a shower daily, it is certainly not true that by doing so acne will go away. It has very less to do with cleanliness, but more with oily skin, dead cells, sebum excess and sometimes hereditary too.

9. Acne Occurs Because of Stress
Well, though stress could trigger off anything wrong in a person’s body, it isn’t necessarily responsible for acne. Stress causes hormonal imbalances and that can enhance already existing acne, but it certainly doesn’t trigger off acne outbursts.

10. Sexual Activity
There is also a myth that sexual activities cause an access to acne, however, that concept is entirely based on a false understanding of hormonal changes. People have mixed hormonal imbalances with sexual activities. Rest assured, no sexual activity can trigger off acne.

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