Tips to Get Acne-Free Beauty Skin

Tips to Get Acne-Free Beauty Skin

Mild-to-moderate acne can be treated with a variety of nonprescription products, such as lotions and creams containing benzoyl peroxide. For moderate-to-severe acne, your doctor may prescribe antibiotics, either topical or oral, or even tretinoin topical products. Some prescription drugs for severe acne can cause birth defects, so avoid them.

Here are a variety of tips to help with acne treatment and skin maintenance:

Probiotics & Prebiotics: Probiotic supplements replenish helpful bacterium present in the digestive system to help in effective processing and elimination of food, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Prebiotic foods also help in replenishing this helpful bacterium. There are variety of supplements and products available in the market today. Here are few those that have been reported to help in improving the acne condition.

Pure Synergy: This diet contains a variety of valuable micronutrients and antioxidant phytonutrients effective in acne control.

Peel-off face and body masks: This product helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and unplug clogged or inflamed pores. Therefore, effective in treating acne.

Maca: Maca stabilizes the body’s systems and hormones.

Manuka honey: It has strong antibiotic, antiseptic and antiviral properties.

Nature’s Living Superfood: This superfood is full of minerals and a complete range of nutrients; vitamins and trace minerals.

Neem soap: This soap has the properties of antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and antiviral, which is helpful in the prevention and treatment of acne.

Tea tree oil and its body products: Tea tree oil heals acne and contains properties of antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, antiviral, also antimicrobial agent.

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