What is acne ?

What is acne ?

Acne is a skin condition that causes spots usually on the face, shoulders, and upper back. Many dermatologists believe that the excessive secretion of oils from the glands causes acne, which is an inflammation of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. No one really knows what causes it but the vast majority experiences it at some point in life.

Acne is different for everyone. It may be quite bad or may appear as a few outbreaks. Acne can also appear because of excessive oils that choke the pores with sebum. These excessive oils can be either due to hormonal changes to hereditary reasons. Acne tends to appear first during the age of puberty, which may carry on for life.

Hormonal changes, which are very common during puberty, can also form acne. During the developing years the hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands which makes excess sebum and with this sebum clogging of the pores occur which leads to acne. It can also happen during pregnancies when the mother goes through hormonal changes.

Another factor, which causes acne, is heredity. When the genes passed on from the parents to the child, the acne conditions also passed on from the parents.

Acne affects most teenagers to some extent. Some teenagers find this condition so distressing that they can develop emotional problems. However, the disease is not restricted to any age group; adults in their 20s and 40s can also get acne. While not a life threatening condition, acne can lead to serious and permanent scarring.

In case the acne becomes chronic, then you must see a dermatologist. Zits, pimples, cysts, blackheads and whiteheads are considered the alternative terms for acne.

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